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      1. About Us

        Ningbo yorke hardware Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd, owned one factory and also owned another 8 professional factories all marketing rights. we also responsible for these professional factories products’ design and sale. Our Company with an experienced and professional team, we have exported our products to many countries and regions all over the world, especially middle east and north africa. Our products enjoy a good regulation among our customers, high occupy in the market, for example, we export curtain rod with acc. more than 200x40hq per year.We welcome customers, factories and friends all parts of the world to contact us and seek cooperation for mutual benefits.

        NingBo Yorke Hardware I/E CO.,LTD
        21F,GuangBo International Trade Center,1357 Yinxian Road,NingBo,China
        ? Copyright . All Rights Reserved NingBo Yorke Hardware IMP.&EXP.CO.,LTD. Tel:0086-574-87302808,87323281
        21F,GuangBo Interantional Trade Center, 1357 Yinxian Road,NingBo,China Fax:0086-574-87303008 浙ICP備15016627號